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Gain Social Media Followers by Sweetening the Deal

People have asked me how they can increase their fans and followers on their social media accounts. After all, your tweets and posts mean nothing if nobody sees them.

I recently received an e-newsletter from a Chicagoland salon and spa that offered a discount in exchange for becoming their fan on Facebook. The offer was for $10 off any service. In addition, the first 20 people would be entered into a raffle for a very nice spa package that they offered. This is a great idea for two reasons. Not only does it give incentive for people to "fan" them on Facebook, but it also gives a sense of urgency to do it right away. As you know, if you don't close the deal with them in front of you, they'll go off and "think about it" but probably never actually do it.

This example uses Facebook, however it can be applied to any social media service. For example, you could offer something in exchange for following you on Twitter or YouTube, or by connecting with you on LinkedIn. Once you have gained a respectable size of followers, get ideas of how to use your account at Using Twitter to Increase Traffic to Your Website.


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