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Every project is unique, so we work hand-in-hand with our clients to determine the best course of action during our comprehensive business analysis and web strategy consultation. Then once a plan is in place, we push forward quickly and efficiently. In fact, our typical turnaround is less than two weeks. The websites are fast, responsive, beautiful, user-friendly, search-engine-optimized, easy to maintain, and include web hosting, a CMS, client support, monthly content updates, and one-on-one CMS training. How can we afford to do all this and still remain affordable? We have a very efficient process that allows us to remain on task and accomplish goals without sacrificing quality. Plus, we use our own Content Management System (CMS) that already has loads of functionality built into it, allowing us to skip time-consuming development work. In the end, you get a professional and affordable website, delivered on-time.

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Not interested in custom design? We also have semi-custom design options as well.

our web design process

1. discovery

2. strategy

3. design

4. development

5. refinement

6. testing

7. launch

8. training

some of our past custom design work

This law firm had a site, but they couldn't easily make updates to it, nor could they add widgets for extra functionality. So we recreated the site as close to the original as possible, while addressing the issues from the previous site.
This material design provider hired us for a custom designed website to showcase their services.
Paradox Media Group hired us to provide a custom design for real estate agent Jena Radnay to showcase her current and recent listings, as well as details of the neighborhoods she represents.
Michael Mannis hired us to create a website that was easy to maintain and affordable. We designed and developed a site that represents his brand as well as offers clear calls-to-action to drive leads.
M&M wanted to upgrade their site to be more up-to-date and capture more leads. So we designed an attractive site that offers a very clear call to action.
Mastercraft wanted a redesign of their website that showcased their work nicely and worked seamlessly on mobile devices. We provided a fresh design complete with product sample slideshows so that the sales team can easily display marble samples while on the road.
Realtor Megan Tirpak wanted a fresh redesign to complement her updated brand identity and showcase her current and past listings.
This is the third website for the Peterson Appraisal Group. The site is a collection of all the different areas of focus. Similar to the previous two sites, we included a graphical dynamic wall of articles utilizing the built-in features of the Small Biz Platform.
Attorney Gerald Bekkerman appreciated the original website we did for him so much that when he merged practices with TPMB, we were hired again to design their website.
This IT company hired us to completely redesign their website to make it responsive, attractive, and easy to find their services.
Ok, so we're the creators of OcularCMS, but we still designed it ;)
This Chicago independent insurance broker needed a simple and affordable web presence.
There's a robbery scene in Pulp Fiction where Jules points a gun to the robber's face and tells him to reach into the bag and pull out his wallet. The robber says, "which one is it?", to which Jules famously replies "it's the one that says Bad Mother F*cker on it" (which it hilariously does!). Well, now you can purchase a replica wallet from And to refresh your memory of that iconic scene, a video clip plays in the background of the home page. The site is fully responsive and contains custom-developed video player functionality to make for a smooth experience regardless of the device size.
Red Cup Presentations offers workshops and coaching services. Although we designed the original site, it was time to refresh it again. So we gave the site a responsive custom redesign.
Bob Dorger (and team) from Cincinnati, Ohio wanted a more coherent and user-friendly real estate website than the previous site. We designed and built a responsive site to showcase their work and services.
M&M Financial Consulting recognizes the value in targeting specific keywords. So they hired us to design a dedicated website for one specific service they provide.
The West Ridge Chamber of Commerce hired us to build a custom designed responsive website to showcase their annual community market.
Based in Washington, D.C., this governmental consulting firm hired us to completely revamp their outdated site. It's now responsive and speaks directly to their target audience.
The Jefferson Park Chamber of Commerce hired us to redesign their site to make it easier for them to manage members, and for the members to manage their own profiles.
The Dorger McCarthy Group website was great for it's time, but was in desperate need of a redesign to bring it up to today's standards. So we not only brought it up to code, but also gave it a fresh modern design.
Lotus Suites at Midlane Golf Resort hired us to redesign their website to infuse new life to it as well as bring it up to date to work on all size devices. So we designed a custom responsive web design, complete with integrated room reservation software.
Bermes Properties wanted a responsive site to showcase short sales along with other real estate services.
Custom mastcot and character designer Cookie Gluck had a website based entirely in Flash. She hired us to redesign the portfolio website and bring it up to modern standards.
This law office wanted to be able to showcase their press articles and case studies in a way that is easy to update. We applied a fresh, responsive redesign that shows brilliantly on all devices.
We designed a new logo and a responsive web design for this Chicago-based therapist group.
The JCCWRP hired us to redesign their old site to bring attention to the renewed momentum of the organization.
We built a 2nd site for this South Florida recruiting company, complete with web design and content generation to match that of the other site, but with a different target market in mind. In addition to the built-in mobile optimization of the platform, we also applied responsive web design so that it looks great on any device.
Sabre Sport represents an Italian sportswear line for cycling and triathlon. We designed and built an e-commerce website with both audiences in mind.
Peak Running hired us to provide a website that matches the look and feel of the store, and allows visitors to browse the brands they carry as well as upcoming events, seminars, runs, etc.
We provided a complete redesign of the existing website and added the ability for members to create an account and set up recurring payments for dues. Members also have the ability to update their own account and add events. These features will end up saving the Chamber several hours of work every week. Additionally, in addition to the built-in mobile optimization of the platform, we also applied responsive web design so that it looks great on any device.
We provided web design and content generation for this South Florida recruiting company. Additionally, in addition to the built-in mobile optimization of the platform, we also applied responsive web design so that it looks great on any device.
Designed right at the beginning of responsive design, we created this fresh website to showcase portfolio properties.
CBOE needed a website for their annual risk management conference. We designed and built a site consistent with the CBOE brand, giving access to registration, conference info, and past conference archives.
Venm Dancewear wanted a fresh makeover for their e-commerce apparel site. Customers can create a free account for member-based discounts.
This startup needed a website to sell t-shirts and other products to help raise funds for cancer research. In addition, we incorporated various social and member-based features to help raise awareness.
ITM originally had us migrate their existing website over to the Small Business Platform to take advantage of the many features of the CMS. Then over time, ITM decided it was time for a fresh look and hired us to redesign it.
Local celebrant Jill Brown wanted a beautiful website that reflected her identity and communicated to her target audience. She also knows the importance of SEO and chose to hire us to complete everything.
Q & A Appraisals hired us to address the SEO pitfalls of their existing site and give the site a fresh makeover.
Fresh Start Tax Relief is a consumer-focused website dedicated to helping people get out of tax debt. We were hired to showcase what they do, and to display a vast amount of information.
Chicago architect Cayl Hollis hired us to design and build a portfolio site for showing off his beautiful work.
A local masseuse and therapist wanted a unique mystical site and we delivered.
Real Estate broker Terry Philips hired us to give her web presence a much-needed makeover. Various interactive effects are found throughout, along with our dynamic property slider found on the hybrid platform.
This local handmade macaron chef hired us to design a French-themed site for her to showcase her macarons.
Ian Brodsky hired us to redesign his website and make it less cluttered, while still achieving optimal search engine optimization.
We gave the Perlis Wellness Center website a fresh new look to match their brand and welcoming atmosphere of the med spa.
Ardito Creative Enterprises needed a facelift to match their exceptional copywriting skills. They also wanted a better way to display their samples with more visual appeal.
We designed this website for a brand new Chicago contemporary dance studio.
Comedian Mark Simmons wanted a site where he could showcase his portfolio, videos, and upcoming shows, as well as sell merchandise.
This Chicago & North Shore luxury real estate agent wanted a playground for the wealthy to be able to find luxurious listings and browse the toys of the elite.
Artist Walter Palmer Burrows commissioned us to build a unique online gallery to showcase his numerous paintings. The design simulates the look of an actual gallery space complete with a brick wall and slider for adjusting the light level. This allows potential buyers to be able to see the works under different lighting conditions.
We redesigned this site to be more user-friendly and to give better search engine exposure.
Toji hired us to design a simple, clean informational site to match their identity and marketing materials.
This Rogers Park NFP hired us to not only give them a better looking web presence, but they also wanted to increase donations and volunteer opportunities. We made the donate and volunteer buttons prominent, and gave them a way to show the latest happenings.
This Rogers Park NFP is a subsidiary of Northside Community Resources. We were hired to maintain a consistent look between the two sites complete with similar donation functionality.
We were hired by this legal firm to improve their image and give them control of the maintenance of their site.
A beautiful new healthy eatery opened in Lakeview, and we were hired to design and develop their website.
A Chicago real estate broker hired us to build a custom-designed real estate site to showcase her listings. Coming in July.
This Chicago-based fleet management company hired us to migrate their existing website over to the Small Business Platform to take advantage of the many standard features including SEO. Then phase two was implemented, which was a complete redesign, with an emphasis on scheduling a service call.
Max Resources hired us to redesign their site for a fresher look, and better user interface. They wanted to focus on their two primary areas of products, so we showcased them very simply on the home page.
This custom-designed site was built for a brand new local educational provider. They not only needed a bright, colorful eye-catching design, but wanted the site to be a resource for news, events, and many other items that parents search for.
This home health care provider hired us to revamp their site to be more inviting, vibrant, and match their brand identity.
This custom-designed website offers the ability to showcase the many media outlets and clients in an online portfolio.
This company wanted the ability to list live auctions on their site. So we integrated with a third-party online auction provider to seamlessly display auctions without leaving the site.
Ann Harris is a Chicago interior designer who hired us to build a website to showcase her work. She can easily update her gallery in the easy-to-use database.
Check out this custom-designed website for a new Chicago sales company.
Geosthetics hired us to build this custom-designed e-commerce website, complete with image magnification and other great features.
We designed and built an e-commerce website for this reseller.
The founder of GROW Reading Solutions, Inc hired us to design and build a second website to showcase their non-profit side. The main goal of the site is to encourage donations, while informing the public about what is happening within the organization.
This site is fairly straight-forward. It's an e-commerce site that allows for a quick and easy purchase of products.
This Chicago acupuncture and oriental medicine studio hired JellyNeck to design and build a simple, clean site to showcase the many services that they offer.
We supplied a custom design built with their brand and office in mind.
A Detroit-area mortgage consultant wanted a dual-market website--one for Michigan, the other for the West Coast. So we created two sites that differ in subtle ways, while maintaining his brand identity. Additionally, we developed a flash banner ad for display on that dynamically grabs the latest interest rates from his website via an xml feed. When he updates the rates on his website, they're also instantly updated in the ad.
This global internship placement company wanted to increase exposure of their services, while offering the ability to apply and pay for services online. They went from 3-4 applications a day to well over 150 in just 24 hours after launch.
A well-known author hired JellyNeck to design and build a website for his new book.
The Peterson Appraisal Group liked the first website we designed and built for them ( that they hired us to do another. While we maintained a similar look and feel to the first, it still is able to stand alone by itself. We also were able to build a dynamic wall of articles utilizing the built-in features of the Small Biz Platform.
This St. Louis real estate team hired us to completely redesign their website to be more visually appealing. They can also take advantage of the many features of our Real Estate Platform.
The Lakeview Chamber of Commerce needed a site for collecting and displaying information related to the Lakeview Area Master Plan (LAMP). The goal was to seamlessly match the design of the chamber site. And although it was supposed to only be temporary, they are so happy with it that they continue to use it to this day.
This Chicago handyman service wanted a website that they could maintain themselves, and that would be useful for their SEO marketing. It's now Search Engine Optimized and has a call to action to capture leads.
This custom bridal and prom gown designer wanted to attract new clients and be able to show off their beautiful hand-crafted dresses.
This Chicago photographer wanted to be able to maintain his photo galleries, and keep in touch with people via social media.
This relatively new Chicago real estate agency hired JellyNeck to create a website that offers commercial and residential IDX property search integration, and dynamic apartment rental display.
We designed this website for a successful Chicago real estate agent. Her properties are automatically fed from the MLS.
This real estate agent wanted a luxury website to showcase his high-end properties. His properties are automatically fed into the website from the MLS. Stay tuned for the live site.
A local artist hired us to create a porfolio website for his work. The design is simple and neutral since his art is the focus. He has the ability to showcase his projects, exhibitions, and discuss his thought process when he is creating his artwork.
We gave this real estate agent a clean, elegant look. Additionally, (as with all of our real estate websites), her listings are automatically grabbed from the MLS and displayed on her site.
We designed this website with a window of rotating photos showcasing the various property types this company appraises.
We completely redesigned this website with a fresh, technical look.
This fresh design offers clients the ability to browse and register for workshops, as well as read testimonials, case studies and learn more about the business in general.
This website offers a lot of functionality in the form of a blog, the ability to nominate and display leaders, show events, accept and display book reviews, purchase products, and allow postings by people looking for mentors.
A new Karate studio hired us to build a website with a Zen-like feeling. In addition to a beautiful website, they also have the ability to display the latest news and events to their clients.
This group of photographers hired us to give their website a makeover, and allow them to maintain the content easily. Customers can view samples and order proofs online.
This stained glass studio has so many beautiful works of art that we just had to showcase something front and center. This artist has the ability to showcase projects while in progress.
This real estate agency wanted to offer an MLS search for their visitors, in addition to showcasing the agency's properties. We built a custom-designed website and integrated a third-party IDX solution that offers traditional and map-based search capabilities, including lead management, and buying/selling tools.
Grow Reading Solutions offers reading and writing classes to Chicagoland children in K-12th grades. The website allows parents to create a profile for their child. Then the child is administered testing directly on the site after payment if received. Once the testing is complete, GRS will recommend classes tailored to the child. Of course, the enrollment is all completed online, including payment collection.
This Rogers Park annual festival wanted a website that allowed vendors to apply, displayed a schedule of entertainment, and had a photo gallery of years past.
This personal trainer came to JellyNeck Solutions for an overhaul of her website. It now has a more professional, fresh look that will certainly impress visitors.
This website shows that it is possible to have a fully-functional website and a beautiful design at the same time. It integrates appointment scheduling by FieldTrax allowing clients to book appointments directly on the website. In addition, products will be available soon for sale directly on the site. Please note, March 2 Wellness is currently not accepting new clients.
This website has a fresh, clean design which ties nicely into the "Green" products theme.
This website makes use of liberal usage of videos throughout, including testimonials and demonstrations of chiropractic techniques. A "call to action" encourages visitors to leave their contact info in exchange for a discount off a service. This information is captured in the ezDB Database to build a valuable marketing list. The client is notified when a patient contacts them, and is given valuable information including how the visitor found the website. The site also makes use of social media badges, a blog, and Click-To-Call technology.
Animal Care Hospitals has four locations around metro Detroit. The main focus of the site is to quickly find and get directions to each location. The valuable coupons are dynamically displayed from the ezDB Database, allowing the company to maintain up-to-date coupons for visitors.
Brownstone Therapeutics is a therapeutic private practice that aims to encourage clients to connect with themselves and others through the creative arts. One invaluable service they offer is the preservation of a person's history by video-taping interviews. A vast library of videos is available on this site. In addition, patient artwork is dynamically displayed from the ezDB Database, which the client can maintain on their own.

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