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If you are on a limited budget or simply don’t have a need for a tightly controlled custom web design, we personalize the beautiful web designs of OcularCMS to match your identity. You will also receive our comprehensive business analysis and web strategy consultation, plus one-on-one CMS training. Our typical turnaround is less than two weeks, and you receive all the same features and benefits as the custom-designed sites, including web hosting, a CMS, client support, and monthly site updates. There's no sacrifice of quality or features, so get started today.

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Looking for a custom design from scratch? We also have custom-design options as well.

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some of our past semi-custom design work

We provided a responsive redesign for The Spirited Gardener, complete with a portfolio of featured gardens.
This floral designer wanted a website to showcase her workshops and event services.
This drinks consultant wanted a website to showcase her work and sell products.
This professional organizer wanted to showcase her services while maintaining consistency with her marketing materials.
This law firm wanted a redesign to bring them up to speed.
This new attorney wanted a website to showcase her practice areas and make it easy for people to reach out.
This non profit wanted a website that was easy to collect donations and recurring payments, as well as spotlight sponsors.
This Colorado campground wanted a website that better showcased the natural beauty of their property and made it easier to book a stay.
This local print lab wanted a new website that they'd be able to easily update and showcased their products and services in a more graphical manner.
We built a website to show off not only the services of this attorney, but also the unique neighborhood that she represents.
We built a new website for the Johnson Justice Center.
This graphic designer wanted a website to showcase her portfolio, while also having a shop to sell her jewelry.
This chiropractor wanted a website that accurately portrayed his true self while still promoting services.
This non-profit wanted the ability to showcase their musicians, make it easy to collect donations, and offer registration for upcoming events.
Swifty Blinds wanted a website to showcase their blind cleaning and installation services, as well as a way to display a gallery of available blinds.
Paradox Media Group hired us to provide a redesign of real estate agent Andra O'Neill to showcase her current and past listings, as well as details of the neighborhoods she represents.
This boutique ad agency wanted to showcase their portfolio in a way that's easy to maintain.
Honey Bear Day Care Center wanted a website to not only showcase the fun services for children, but also put important information in front of parents. So we designed a playful logo and website.
Attorney Garrett Thomas wanted an epic we gave him one!
The Justice Chamber of Commerce wanted a website for showcasing their member directory and offering a way to apply and learn more about what they offer.
We built an online marketplace to connect students with teachers for online classes. The website uses e-commerce to allow parents to register students and allows for the browsing of teachers and classes.
We were hired to provide a simple, clean, professional website for this attorney. To save costs, a custom design was not used.
We redesigned this mindfulness website to include registration for courses.
David Telisman Communications hired us to create a web presence for this pulmonary group.
David Telisman Communications wanted a portfolio site that was fresh and easy to navigate.
The BPCIA wanted a site that included a membership directory, member management, dues payments, event registration, and more.
The organizers of this annual event needed a website that allows people to register and sponsors make payments, while showcasing event photos from past years.
KoolEarth Konnections hired us to build a simple informational website that helps connect businesses with consultants in the sustainable packaging industry.
This travel advisor wanted a website to portray the beauty of travel destinations.
This assisted living home wanted to showcase activities, menus, and other frequently-changing items, and a website that they could control on their own with relying on anyone to do it for them.
This vehicle transport company needed a clean and simple website to assist in lead generation.

We were hired to recreate an existing site so that it could more easily be maintained, and have a responsive design.
Northlight Architects wanted a website to showcase their extensive architecture portfolio.
The Norwood Park Chamber of Commerce wanted a website that was easy to maintain and showcase their member directory.
Guys & Co wanted an e-commerce website to sell their clothing for men and boys.
The PEBA Chamber wanted a website that was easy to showcase their members and give them the ability to pay member dues.
This business broker hired us to create a simple website where they could showcase their businesses for sale.
David Telisman Communications hired us to redesign a website for their client.
Jacobson Legal Services wanted a simple, clean website to showcase their legal practice areas and convey a sense of trust and integrity.
Retired attorney Jeffrey Bunn hired us to create a web presence to portray how mindfulness and meditation can be applied to the workplace for law firms.
This well-known author wanted a place to not only update her followers by means of a blog, but to also share photos and favorite books with them. The client takes advantage of periodically making different pages of the site the default home page. One day it might be the blog, the next it might be her upcoming events. All of this is possible on the Small Business Platform.
Chicago photographer Larry Burrows hired us to give his online portfolio an upgrade.
New City Window Cleaning hired us to create an affordable web presence to generate leads for their services.
Starla Sholl has three sides to her business: therapy, wellness products, and income opportunities. We created a website that serves as a portal to the three separate sub sections of the site. A master domain name leads to the home page, while other domains lead directly to their respective landing pages.
This Franklin Park dentist wanted a fresh look for her website to help promote services to the local community.
Joann Dobbie hired us to redesign her website to bring it up to speed with regard to the look and feel as well as technologically.
Osmondson Roofing wanted a web presence to serve as a portfolio of work for complementing their Angie's List reviews.
Real estate agent Stacey Grossman needed a simple website to showcase her real estate listings.
One of the main goals of the BBR website is to display the networking group's members and showcase upcoming events. Visitors can create their own profile (with client approval) and then edit it using their own username and password. The members and events are maintained by the client in the ezDB Database.
This actor needed a way to showcase his acting resume, photos and videos for easy access by talent scouts.

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