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JellyNeck Solutions, Inc is a technical services company providing products and services to many industries. The core team is comprised of:

CJ Jelinek: proprietor, web developer/designer
Adrian Forbes: back-end systems engineer
Joe Linder: client partner


JellyNeck Solutions was incorporated in 2008 by CJ Jelinek to provide web design services for the real estate industry using a proprietary website platform originally built in the early 2000's. Today this platform is widely known as a Content Management System (CMS), but when it was created, the term hadn't been coined yet and websites were primarily maintained by a “webmaster”. With this new tool, clients were able to make changes to their websites on their own rather than relying on a technical person.

Shortly after incorporating in 2008, the housing market collapse and resulting recession influenced the evolution of the CMS to accommodate a wider range of industries and client needs. As a result, many small to medium businesses benefited from the new built-in features of the CMS, which has been the sole platform used to provide our website design services.

Over the years, the CMS continued to grow, and in 2016, a complete overhaul of the platform was finished and the brand name of OcularCMS® was registered for it. Over the years, various services have been added and removed to our offerings, including digital marketing, graphic design, and content creation, but our core services of website design have remained to this day.

In 2024, JellyNeck Solutions added an entirely new suite of services to accommodate the ever-evolving world of design and technology. Additional services include custom web app development, 3D modeling, product design and prototyping, and 3D printing. We also added an ecommerce shop for purchasing our line of handmade products for the home and office.
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