3d modeling and rendering

Design encompasses more than just two dimensions. Occasionally we need to step into the third dimension to convey a message, illustrate a concept, or promote a product. We can create custom 3D models to suit your needs.

architectural 3d modeling

architectural 3D model
Whether you’re an architect with CAD files or a real estate developer with old blueprints, we can build a realistic 3D model of the property for showing off to potential buyers and clients.

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3d logo design

3D logo design
Sometimes logos need a bit of pizazz that only an extra dimension can give. Let us create a model from scratch or from supplied sketches and we’ll supply a model that can either be used as an interactive logo on your website or incorporated into a two dimensional logo design.

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product development and prototyping

product development and prototyping
Have an idea for a product that hasn’t moved beyond the paper that it’s sketched on? We can take that concept and build a 3D prototype to test whether you have a viable product for scale. And depending on complexity, we might also be able to build a working prototype for testing in the real world.

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furniture 3d modeling

furniture 3D modeling
Have an idea for a desk, chair, table or other piece of furniture? Let us bring it to life as a 3D model so you can visualize what it will look like in the real world and allow you to make iterations of the design if necessary. We can also supply cut sheets and work plans if you are inclined to build it yourself. Or we might be able to manufacture the furniture for you.

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