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Using Twitter to Increase Traffic to Your Website

The first question that everybody asks when they first create a Twitter account is "what should I tweet about"? The second question is usually "is anybody actually reading this"? But the question that should be asked is "how can this benefit my business"?

One of the best uses of Twitter (with regards to gaining traffic to your website) is the inclusion of links. Search engines love reciprocal links which is defined as having a link on your website to a site that also has a link back to yours. In this example, you should have a link on your site to your Twitter profile. Then on your profile and in your tweets you should have links right back to your site. Examples of links could be linking back to a blog article on your site, or to a page that has details of a promotion or sale. Keep in mind that if you use a URL shortening service, not all of them are good (see Not all Not All URL Shortening Services Are The Same).

A great use of Twitter is to offer something that can only be found on your Twitter profile. For example, you could tweet about a limited time offer that can only be redeemed if you mention that you saw it on Twitter. If you don't have very many followers yet, see Gain Social Media Followers by Sweetening the Deal for ideas on how to increase your numbers.


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