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Search-Engine-Friendly URL's

This was probably the most-requested feature that I heard from my clients over the years. It went something like this...

"We would like a URL similar to".

To which I would reply:
"Well, the best I can do is".

It's not a big deal if the client is emailing the link. But it's not exactly easy to print it out on a postcard and expect their customers to type it in correctly in their browser.

Problem solved. I have finished a massive overhaul of how the web platform handles URL's. The above is one example of the change. However, it also applies to blogs, real estate listings, and all detail pages from the database (products, events, members, etc). See the following examples:
  • blog articles:
  • real estate listings:
  • detail pages (from database):
  • Easier to read and remember.
  • Result in higher click-through rates via search engines.
  • Give a small boost to search engine rankings.
The changes are automatic and have already happened. No setup or maintenance is required. Enjoy!


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