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E-Commerce Websites

Even though the Small Business Platform has had e-commerce built in for some time now, it's a good idea to let you know all of the key features that are available for selling online.

  • Coupon Code Management
  • Product Attributes (ex sm/med/lg, blue/green/red, etc)
  • Consolidated Product and Content Management in One Control Panel
  • Easy Import & Export of Product Database
  • Product Search & Filter Capability on website and in Control Panel
  • Transactions Tied to User Accounts (giving customers the ability to log in and view their invoice history. Shipment tracking coming soon.)
  • Seamless Back-end Transaction Process (without transferring to merchant gateway interface)
  • SSL Security Certificate Setup
  • Automatic Inventory Tracking with "out of stock" feature
  • Quickbooks Integration (Manually download file through gateway, then import into Quickbooks. Ability to download Quickbooks file directly from control panel coming soon.)
  • State-level Tax Calculations
  • Shipping Calculations (by weight, cart amount, or flat rate. Carrier-specific coming soon)
  • One-page Secure Checkout
  • Paypal and Google Checkout Integration (can be combined with other providers for wider array of payment options)
  •, FirstData, and eProcessingNetwork Integration. Others integrated as needed.


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