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Mobile Platform (beta)

Every website on the Small Business Platform now comes with a mobile version of itself. There is no need to take additional steps because it happens automatically. All media files are re-sized and content is stripped down to the essentials, allowing for a fast, enjoyable experience. Here are some key features:
  • Phone numbers are clickable and open up the phone dialer when clicked.
  • Photos and videos are sized down to fit a small screen, saving valuable bandwidth.
  • Navigation tabs are large and easy to click.
  • Quick access to the classic version (ie non-mobile) of the site from every page.
  • Easily override page content in EditMode.

If you have a JellyNeck website, you can access your mobile site right now from any smart phone. Built-in technology will detect that you are using a mobile device and automatically serve up a mobile version. It's currently in beta and will be released as an official version when I feel that I've addressed potential formatting issues that are sure to come up due to the diversity of mobile devices. So if you notice anything unusual, please let me know your phone model, service provider, operating system and version number, as well as the browser if possible.


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